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We're all about liquids handling

As a player in the bag-in-box market since 1997, Arlington was in at the beginning of this particular industrial innovation. Starting with clip together wooden boxes and rudimentary liner technology through to what we have today with a range of efficiency optimised outer boxes and a wide range of general purpose and product specific liners, valves and fitments to ensure the packing of your liquid or semi-liquid products is the best it can be.

Unlike other companies in this field we have the specialist knowledge to advise and help implement the best system for you, from box format, liner and fitment specifications to transport operations, pooling, tracking and finance. 

This is a niche area but one where your business can rely on ours to get the most efficient cost efficient results. With a service oriented ethos you will never be more than a few minutes from talking to a specialist with answers to your technical problems.

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  • Repair-maintain-improve
    Our constant customer service philosophy of ‘repair – maintain – improve’ ensures your IBC fleet remains at 100% capacity and your supply chain keeps running smoothly.  Because we care about your business and its productivity, we take great care of our IBC assets.  They deserve it, you deserve it.

    Far too often we see other suppliers simply neglecting their customers’ pallecon fleets, failing to repair, maintain and improve operations.  The exorbitant cost they impose on a customer at the end of a contract, due to damage and lost units is unacceptable.  We just don’t work like that.

  • Bag-in-box IBCs and more
    The first to adopt reusable all-plastic foldable bag-in-box IBCs, Arlington Packaging offers you the market-leading Combo IBC, available in industry standard 250L and 1000L sizes.  We also offer a great 500L variant as well.

    And for completeness, we also provide an excellent one-trip bag-in-box IBC solution, along with foldable pallet containers and plastic storage boxes for any dry products you may also have to transport and store.

  • IBC liners
    We stock too a range of more then 25 different IBC liner bags manufactured to BRC/FDA standards.  LDPE liners, with and without barrier materials like EVOH, nylon and aluminium; aseptic and non-aseptic; pharmacopoeia approved liner - whatever protection your product needs you’ll find it here.

  • IBC accessories
    Arlington also provides a complete range of system-compatible IBC filling and discharge adaptors as well as a variety of bespoke discharge aids designed to maximise viscous product yields, including mangles (manual and air powered), heated mats and IBC tilting solutions.

  • Technical support and service
    We have a wealth of technical experience and expertise across a wide range of sectors and industrial processes. We can advise on improvements modifications and entire packing and transit solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to provide help and answer questions when you need it. This means no waiting for call backs, it means direct access to a specialist when you need to talk a problem though. Try it - give us a call. Arlington Technical Assistance +44 01672 569983



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