Beverage manufacturers need to be able to depend on the quality of their bag-in-box IBCs for bulk warehouse storage and distribution to third party contract packers and warehouse storage. They play a critical role in maintaining product integrity.

Arlington Packaging’s foldable all-plastic Combo bag-in-box intermediate bulk carrier (pallecon) is available for rental or purchase and with our range of BRC/FDA approved IBC liners, provides the hygiene, reliability and safety that’s needed to ensure a long product shelf life for soft drinks, fruit juices and beers.

The Combo IBC is made from 100% food contact approved high-density polypropylene and comes in 250L and 1000L sizes. The container is smooth, free of bug traps and easy to clean, making it an industry standard IBC for clean room environments.

And whatever beverage it is, from apple juice to iced tea, and whatever level of protection it needs, there’s an IBC liner bag to suit. Manufactured to BRC/FDA standards, our range of liners includes regular LDPE liners, liners with and without barrier materials like EVOH, nylon and aluminium; aseptic and non-aseptic and pharmacopeia-approved.

As a part of Arlington’s integrated customer service philosophy, we are also able to advise beverage manufacturers on best hygienic practice for IBC filling and discharging operations. IBC fleet repair and maintenance are also included in our standard IBC rental contracts for even greater peace of mind.