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Pharmaceutical Sector


IBCs for the pharmaceutical industry

The Arlington Combo bag-in-box intermediate bulk container (pallecon) plays a vital role in the storage and transport of a wide range of pharmaceutical liquids between the manufacturer and the point-of-sale packaging firm.


Available for rental or purchase in a choice of 250L and 1000L sizes, the foldable, all-plastic Combo provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with a sterile returnable transit packaging solution that they can rely on.


Designed to meet European and US Pharmacopeia regulations, our wide range of liner bags, fittings and adapters for filling and discharge operations means Combo is easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of a liquid pharmaceutical product.


And for even more peace of mind, all of our IBC rental contracts include a fully integrated service management plan, comprising periodic audits, cleaning, repairs and process improvement recommendations.  We want you to get the most out of your IBC fleet.

Food Sector


IBCs for the food industry

Providing the food industry with a hygienic means of transporting and storing a vast range of different products in bulk, the plastic bag-in-box IBC is vitally important to the sector.  Food producers, manufacturers and packers depend on it to protect the integrity of their product.


Available to rent or purchase, Arlington Packaging’s Combo intermediate bulk container (pallecon) is used throughout the food industry.  Its 100% food contact approved polypropylene construction, foldable smooth-edged design, liner bags, filling and discharge fittings offer a complete tamper-proof solution that’s readily tailored to the specific needs of the food product.


In a choice of 250L and 1000L sizes, Arlington’s Combo IBC is supported by a range of over 25 different sterile BRC/FDA approved liners.  This includes both aseptic and non-aseptic variants supporting both hot and cold product filling operations.


Compared to rigid bottle-type IBCs, flexible bag-in-box IBCs also make it easier to discharge high viscosity foodstuffs, like ketchup and mayonnaise for example.  And to further boost product recovery yields, Arlington is also able to recommend mangle, heater mat and pump-assisted solutions.


And with our IBC rentals backed by our fully integrated customer service package, our food industry customers can also rest assured that their IBC fleet will be looked after.  Periodic audits, repairs and cleaning make sure IBCs remain available and productive.


Events Sector

IBCs for the events industry

Try as we may, we can’t always predict the weather correctly and the outdoor events industry has to be prepared for any eventuality.  High winds can be a threat to the safety of structures like marquees or inflatable play structures, and IBCs (pallecons) can provide the protection that’s needed.


Where a temporary structure has to be erected on a surface that can’t support stakes or ground anchors, surface ballast needs to be provided.  The surface for an event might be water-logged or sandy, tarmac or concrete, whatever it is, ballast is required to ensure the structure remains intact under wind loading.


A single 1000L Combo bag-in-box IBC from Arlington Packaging, once filled with water, provides events companies with an immediate ton of ballast.  Being foldable and transported to and from site empty, the IBC keeps logistics simple and is easy to fill and discharge too.


Available in a range of sizes from Arlington Packaging on a short-term rental basis, IBCs provide an efficient, scalable and cost effective ballast solution that’s ideal for coping with the seasonal demands of the weather.


Dairy Sector

IBCs for the dairy industry

Bag-in-box IBCs (pallecons) provide the dairy industry with the strict hygiene levels it needs for short and long haul bulk transportation of milk and cream products between the dairy and a range of different food and drink manufacturing end users.


In 250L and 1000L sizes Arlington Packaging’s foldable Combo bag-in-box intermediate bulk container offers the dairy industry a complete sterile returnable transit packaging solution.


It comprises a durable, tamper-proof all-plastic outer container and a recyclable inner liner bag manufactured to BRC and Kosher standards and meeting FDA/IMS regulations.  It is supported by industry standard filling and discharge fittings.


And to help maximise a dairy processor’s IBC container fleet productivity, Arlington’s IBC rental contracts are also backed by our integrated customer service management programme, combining periodic audits, repairs, cleaning and process improvement recommendations at no extra cost.


Cosmetics Sector

IBCs for the cosmetics and personal care industry

Hygiene is essential to the bulk transport and storage of liquid cosmetics and personal care products.  Plastic bag-in-box intermediate bulk containers (IBCs or ‘pallecons’) make sure of it, ensuring manufacturers meet their regulatory compliance requirements.


For skincare, dental and haircare products - lotions, creams, scrubs, butters fragrances, gels and more - Arlington’s Combo foldable, tamper-proof bag-in-box IBC guarantees product integrity throughout filling, warehouse storage, transportation and discharge operations.  It can be rented or purchased.


Since the Combo IBC is a smooth, all-plastic design with a wide range of single-use BRC/FDA approved recyclable aseptic and non-aseptic liners, it’s also easy to keep clean as well.


And as Arlington Packaging’s rental contracts are backed by a fully integrated customer service programme we can take care of the cleaning for you, along with periodic inspections and reporting, and the repairs and system improvements that result.


We can also advise you on and provide the best filling and discharge fittings and product recovery aids to maximise efficiency and boost product recovery yields for high value cosmetic or personal care product.


Our innovative solutions for handling high viscosity liquids constantly improves product yields from IBC containers, and we regularly achieve recovery yields of 99% for even the most viscous of products.


Chemicals Sector

IBCs for the non-hazardous chemicals industry

For non-hazardous chemicals that can permanently taint or stain bulk storage and transit containers, the bag-in-box IBC or ‘pallecon’ provides an ideal solution, simply replace the recyclable inner liner bag once it’s been used - no cleaning required.


The all-plastic Combo bag-in-box IBC from Arlington Packaging therefore provides chemical manufacturers with a safe and more efficient alternative to old-style drums and the rigid bottle-in-cage type IBCs such as Schutz or Mauser containers.  Whatever type of chemical it is, there’s a liner bag to suit.


And since a Combo container folds flat when empty it also means significant cost savings can be made on the return transport leg.  Neatly stacked, four empty Combos fit in the space occupied by one rigid IBC and four much smaller volume metal drums.


And we’ll also help chemical manufacturers maximise the productivity of their IBC fleet as well.  All our rental contracts are backed by a fully integrated service management plan, comprising periodic fleet audits, repairs, cleaning and process improvement recommendations.


IBCs for the beverage industry

Beverage manufacturers need to be able to depend on the quality of their bag-in-box IBCs for bulk warehouse storage and distribution to third party contract packers and warehouse storage.  They play a critical role in maintaining product integrity.


Arlington Packaging’s foldable all-plastic Combo bag-in-box intermediate bulk carrier (pallecon) is available for rental or purchase and with our range of BRC/FDA approved IBC liners, provides the hygiene, reliability and safety that’s needed to ensure a long product shelf life for soft drinks, fruit juices and beers.


The Combo IBC is made from 100% food contact approved high-density polypropylene and comes in 250L and 1000L sizes.  The container is smooth, free of bug traps and easy to clean, making it an industry standard IBC for clean room environments.


And whatever beverage it is, from apple juice to iced tea, and whatever level of protection it needs, there’s an IBC liner bag to suit.  Manufactured to BRC/FDA standards, our range of liners includes regular LDPE liners, liners with and without barrier materials like EVOH, nylon and aluminium; aseptic and non-aseptic and pharmacopeia-approved.


As a part of Arlington’s integrated customer service philosophy, we are also able to advise beverage manufacturers on best hygienic practice for IBC filling and discharging operations.  IBC fleet repair and maintenance are also included in our standard IBC rental contracts for even greater peace of mind.

Beverage Sector
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