Try as we may, we can’t always predict the weather correctly and the outdoor events industry has to be prepared for any eventuality. High winds can be a threat to the safety of structures like marquees or inflatable play structures, and IBCs (pallecons) can provide the protection that’s needed.

Where a temporary structure has to be erected on a surface that can’t support stakes or ground anchors, surface ballast needs to be provided.

The surface for an event might be waterlogged or sandy, tarmac or concrete: whatever the challenge, ballast is required to ensure the structure remains intact under wind loading.

A single 1000L Combo bag-in-box IBC from Arlington Packaging, once filled with water, provides events companies with an immediate ton of ballast. Foldable and transportable to and from the site empty, the IBC keeps logistics simple and is easy to fill and discharge too.

Available in a range of sizes from Arlington Packaging on a short-term rental basis, IBCs provide an efficient, scalable and cost effective ballast solution that’s ideal for coping with the seasonal demands of the weather.