Arlington Combo 500 IBC

One-Trip bag-in-box IBC

Arlington is a leading global provider of Corrugated (Cardboard) One-Trip Bag in Box IBC containers.

We have manufacturing capabilites in the UK, Europe and North America, meaning we are very well placed geographically to support requirements in all these markets.

When the use of returnable transport packaging is simply impractical, unnecessary or uneconomical for the transport of a liquid product, the One-Trip bag-in-box IBC (pallecon) from Arlington Packaging provides a great alternative.

Able to carry the same volume of product as 4 separate drums, the 1000L One-Trip bag-in-box intermediate bulk container is manufactured from thick multi-layer corrugated cardboard and uses the same range of liners as the popular Combo IBC.

Firmly attached to either a standard-sized wooden or biodegradable plastic pallet, the One-Trip bag-in-box IBC from Arlington Packaging provides a safe, secure one-way liquid transport solution that helps to reduce handling costs at the same time.

  • The most secure and cost effective corrugated bag-in-box tote solution
  • 300 complete sets on 1 x 53″ Dry Van for delivery (OneTrip 275)
  • Highly Durable
  • Least cardboard compared to all rivals
  • PATENTED design equals less cardboard more strength
  • No return transport cost, as outer body is simply recycled at point of discharge; a very good option for export or where return leg transport is difficult or too expensive
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Simple to fill, stack and discharge
  • Flat packed to reduce storage and transport costs of empty units
  • Waterproof shroud provides full weather protection
  • Totally recyclable, low cost, environmentally friendly

There are many versions of the one trip concept –  below are some examples of these other versions. The concept behind all of them is the same, consisting of a non – returnable cardboard outer, that can be fully recycled, and this combined with an aseptic or non-aseptic liquid liner can guarantee the sterility and integrity of the product when filled. This system means that you do not have the added cost of return transport, so for certain applications, it can be highly cost effective.

  • Paper IBC container
  • SpaceKraft IBC
  • One way disposable tote
  • Liquid bulk totes
  • Hybrid cube
  • Octobox
  • Non–returnable cardboard IBC
  • Corrugated bulk liquid containers
  • Smart Tote 275 gallon / Corrugated tote / EZ set / Paper

UK / European Sizes

North America / Mexico
220 Gallon
265 Gallon
275 Gallon

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