IBC Pooling

The pooling of reusable packaging, crates and pallets is an important component of today’s supply chain efficiency and sustainability efforts. But what is it?

Pooling describes a process in which entities can share a single resource. Here the resource is returnable packaging, specifically BiB IBC products, and the entities are geographically disparate users of those products. The process enables different parts of the supply chain in different industries to draw on this common resource, the pool, providing them with the resources they require, when they need them. Once they have cycled through that particular supply chain they are drawn back into the pool where they are cleaned and maintained for the next use. The individual users within that cycle each only pay for the amount of resources they have consumed.

Arlington is a pooling provider and delivers the correct type and amount of resources to users in the right place, at the right time, in properly serviceable condition. We are also responsible for recovery of the resource at the end of the cycle, cleaning and maintaining the pool, and managing the level of assets. In addition, we can manage all administration and provide tracking and flow analysis to help our customers spot issues and bottlenecks within their supply chain.


  • Business Focus – Keep focus on core activities
  • Cost effective – Only pay for the resource you require
  • Flexibility – expand and contract usage with demand
  • Visibility – Gain insight into your supply chain
  • Sustainable – Introduce efficiency and reduce carbon footprint
  • Customisable – Build a pooling option to meet your needs