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Long-term IBC rentals, flexible daily IBC rentals

Plastic bag-in-box IBC rental is the preferred option for the vast majority of liquid product manufacturers.  It helps avoid unnecessary capital expenditure, is cost efficient and flexible, with IBC fleets able to be grown or reduced in size as production and transport demands change.


Arlington Packaging offers you attractive long-term IBC rental arrangements over fixed contract periods of one, two, three, four or five years.  What makes our IBC rental service different though is our fully integrated service management.  It keeps your IBC fleet running at optimum capacity.


Following Arlington’s company-wide philosophy of ‘repair – maintain – improve’, we meet with you on a bi-annual basis.  We conduct a fleet audit, identify any repair or cleaning requirements and attend to them, at no additional cost to our customers.


And because we keep careful track of your fleet in this way, there’s no nasty surprises at the end of the contract, no unexpected bills for lost or unrecoverable IBCs.  You have complete peace of mind.





Renting incurs no up front costs and flexible terms on rental payments



contract terms and period can be designed ti fit your business needs



Expand and contract your fleet size to meet production requirements



Maintaining contract include repairs and fleet audits to avoid unexpected exit payments


What's more, we can also use the audit to look at any health and safety issues or address product yield concerns you may have in using our IBCs.  We can recommend alternative ways of working, to improve productivity and optimise product recovery.


We also offer low cost flexible daily rental of bag-in-box IBCs.  With no minimum term and no de-hire fee, it’s an ideal way of addressing short-term demand.  Simply hire when you need and de-hire when you’re done.  A large stock of IBCs means we’re always able to satisfy demands at short notice.


Reusable and one-trip bag-in-box IBC sales

For liquid product manufacturers wishing to purchase rather than rent their reusable transport containers, Arlington Packaging also offers customers the opportunity to buy the Combo, one of the industry’s most popular foldable all-plastic bag-in-box IBCs (pallecons).


Arlington Packaging can offer you either straightforward sale, or hire purchase arrangements over two, three or four year periods to help you spread your capital expenditure over time.


A full range of BRC/FDA approved liners and a comprehensive selection of filling and discharge fittings and aids can also be purchased from us.  We’re also happy to support you with cleaning and repairs as a separate service.


And for transporting bulk liquids to remote areas, or when return transport costs make reusable containers unattractive from a cost perspective, we also sell non-returnable one-trip bag-in-box IBCs, comprising a recyclable cardboard outer and plastic liner inside.


By removing the cost of return transport, the solution can be a highly cost effective one.  And just like the Combo it uses the same approved liquid liners and can be used in both aseptic and non-aseptic applications.

Weather you decide to rent or buy your fleet or indeed do a bit of both, we have a range of finance options to make sure the right decision for your business is also the affordable one. For a basic overview of the options we offer see our finance options page or for a more in depth view, contact us directly.

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