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Reuse, recycle, reduce CO2

Sustainability has always been a key driver in Arlington Packaging’s foldable bag-in-box IBC rental operations, and we strive to ensure that we minimise their impact on the natural environment at all times.  We’ll help you stay eco-friendly.


Significantly, Arlington Packaging was one of the first adopters of the Combo foldable all-plastic bag-in-box IBC or ‘pallecon’.  Made from biodegradable polypropylene the container is totally recyclable at end-of-life, as are the disposable HDPE liners used inside.  Sustainability is built-in.


Designed to be a returnable and reusable packaging solution, it eliminates the need for large quantities of disposable packaging material.  And by applying our ‘repair – maintain – improve’ philosophy, we regularly attain IBC lifetimes of 20 years and beyond.  We fix them and clean them so they last, we keep a track of them so they don’t get lost.


What’s more, being a lightweight, foldable solution the Arlington Combo IBC does much to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions in logistics operations.  Folded flat, an empty Combo bag-in-box IBC takes a quarter of the space taken by a rigid bottle-in-cage type IBC.  You avoid transporting air.  So fewer load carriers, far fewer trips, less pollution.


So while your liquid products will always need to be shipped and stored, we’ll always do our best to help you do it as efficiently as possible and with the least impact on the environment.


To find out more about sustainability and IBC rental, get in touch with Arlington Packaging, call free on 0800 328 6485 or email


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