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Recyclable Products

At Arlington Packaging we take pride in our environmental awareness and sensitivity. We use materials and processes that do not harm the environment.

For example our COMBO bag-in-box system is made from 100% food contact approved polypropylene, which is totally recyclable.

No Waste

Polypropylene is one of the most versatile polymers, due to its strength, ease of use and resistance to chemicals. It is used in a variety of demanding applications, such as injection moulding processes. Any waste produced during the production process is reground into granules and reused for similar products.

Less Air Pollution

A product made from polypropylene will typically last for ten years, depending on the environment it is used in. When the COMBO has reached the end of its working life, it can be combusted due to its high thermal value and purity. The combustion of polypropylene generates considerably less air pollution than oil and carbon dioxide.

Reduced Environmental Impact

As well as being recyclable, the COMBO is also a returnable system, so can be used for many journeys. This eliminates the need for large quantities of disposable packaging material. The COMBO dramatically reduces environmental impact compared to other systems used in materials handling.

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