Arlington’s Systems Don’t Cost the Earth… they save it…!

Reduce packaging waste – Circular Economy “20+ Year Asset Lifetimes”

Eliminate the environmental and financial cost of materials waste. Arlington IBC’s are designed to be a returnable and reusable packaging solution and eliminate the need for large quantities of disposable packaging material. And by applying our ‘repair – maintain – improve’ philosophy, we regularly attain IBC asset lifetimes of 20 years and beyond.

Fewer trips and fuel – “75% increase in transport efficiency”

Maximise Truck utilisation, minimise trips and reduce your carbon footprint with stronger, more space-efficient Arlington IBC Containers. Our Latest Generation 1000L Foldable IBC (the Arlington 1210) can fit a staggering 182 x IBC’s folded on 1 x Full Truck.

Less Waste “99.9% Yields”.

With the new Arlington Residue Reduction systems, we can completely eliminate any residues left in the IBC container, achieving yields of 99.99% with even the most viscous products.

The straight line to the circular economy

With Arlington products and solutions, waste is prevented, not simply managed. Reusable and recyclable, they provide years of service, after which they can be turned into new reusables. It’s all part of our commitment to reduce waste, conserve energy and save natural resources.


“We were having major issues with high residual waste product left in the pallecon liner bag after discharge. Our supplier at the time was not able to solve these issues, so we reached out to Arlington, who immediately provided a solution and have reduced our residues from an average of 20kg of product per liner bag down to 1.5kg.”
Joanne - European Toothpaste Manufacturer.


“We have worked with Arlington for many years and have always found them competitive and fair to deal with. In particular, we have worked with them to develop new processes as we have expanded our product ranges. I certainly have no plans to change away from this successful partnership in the near future - why would I?”
Sarah - Fruit Products Processing.


“As a business, we were caught in a cycle of paying for large repair and compensation costs through our contract renewals. Arlington helped us break that cycle but also helped us address the cause of our excessive damages and losses. We have a multi-site international supply chain. Running our IBC fleet through Arlington has been more productive and less costly than with our previous suppliers.”
Mark - Healthcare manufacturer.

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