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A superior solution for liquids handling

Arlington’s expertise in foldable bag-in-box type IBCs or ‘pallecons’ is very deliberate.  We simply believe that they provide our customers with the very best means of transporting and storing liquids in bulk.


Compared to other returnable transport packaging solutions, like steel drums or rigid bottle-in-cage type IBCs, we believe they provide a solution that’s proven time and again to be superior in every way.


Greater protection

When it comes to ensuring liquid product hygiene and protecting its quality during transit and storage, the all-plastic Arlington Combo IBC simply can’t be beaten.  Long product shelf-life is assured. 


With a sterile disposable liner bag there’s just no risk of contamination due to inadequate container cleaning or a rusty container for example.  And the container’s made of smooth polypropylene plastic, so it’s also easy to clean too.


Once the liner bag’s filled and the hose is removed, excess gas or air rises to the top and is easily expelled from the flexible liner, which is then sealed.  So the adverse effect of dissolved oxygen in beverages for example is removed.

And by sitting inside what is effectively a robust solid-walled cube, the liner bag and liquid product contents is protected on all sides from impact, and exposure to both UV light and the radiant heat of the sun.


Increased security

Not only is the Arlington Combo container tough, robust and impact resistant, it also offers a high level of security as well.  Container lid handles and outlet cap are locked into place using tamper evidence seals.  So nothing gets in or out without you finding out.


More efficient logistics

Being cube-shaped, the Arlington Combo IBC is easy to assemble, handle and highly space efficient too.


As you’ll see from our step-by-step guide to how IBCs work, assembling and filling the IBC only needs one operator and tools aren’t required either, it’s simple.  And the outlet valve’s in the base of the IBC, not at the top, so discharge equipment is often not needed either.


With a built-in 4-way palette base, the IBC is easily stacked using a forklift.  Full containers can be stacked 5 high in storage, 2 high in transit. Empty containers can be stacked 10 high in storage, 5 high in transit.


Of course because the IBC is lightweight and foldable it offers a real advantage for road haulage when empty IBCs are being returned.  Folded flat for a return trip, 5 empty containers take the space of one full container, so logistics costs can be reduced.


Yield maximisation techniques: Air Assist (L) and a conventional mangle (R).


Maximised product yields

Because the Arlington Combo IBC provides a much greater level of protection and hygiene, it goes without saying that less liquid product is lost in transit due to leakage, contamination, dissolved oxygen and exposure to UV.


More than that though product recovery is also more efficient.


With the outlet valve in the IBC base, product discharge operations are naturally gravity-assisted, and since the LDPE plastic liner is fully flexible, using a simple mangle or other discharge aid ensures maximum product yields are always achieved.


Environmentally friendly

A returnable, reusable transport packaging solution, the Arlington Combo IBC immediately eliminates the need for large quantities of unwanted disposable packaging material.


Backed by our integrated customer service program, Combo IBC lifetimes are long too, often being 20 years or more.  And with the container made of 100% biodegradable polypropylene, and liners made of LDPE plastic, it’s also a totally recyclable solution.


A lightweight, foldable solution the Combo IBC also does much to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions in logistics operations.  Folded flat for return trips, an empty Combo bag-in-box IBC takes a quarter of the space taken by a rigid bottle-in-cage type IBC.  So fewer load carriers, far fewer trips, less pollution.


And being a disposable (and recyclable) liner bag-based packaging solution there’s a lot less IBC cleaning required as well.  So it also saves on water, power, chemical cleaning agents and a whole lot of extra effort.






The use of new liner bags every time ensures the hygiene and quality of every fill

Form Factor


Fold flat containers are maximised for cost effective storage and transit both empty and full

Reduction of inputs


Because of it's liner the system requires fewer chemicals, less energy, water and manpower to run

Why Bag-inbox?


Improved yields

Even with viscous products up to 99.00% of the product can be extracted from the liner using yield maximisation devices.

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